I am a working artist located in Birmingham, Alabama. My amazing husband and I live in a loft downtown, and we truly love our city.

My work is primarily inspired by materials. I source my materials from re-worked pieces of my art, findings in my studio and anything else that catches my attention or interest.

I’m passionate about visually communicating my questioning of the world, processes, and design. I approach materials with the intent to decontextualize and deconstruct. This allows the material to be isolated from its original form and space. As an artist, I’m able to partner with the specific material and manipulate it into a new being.

In most of my work, I blur the line between the 2D and the 3D. I like to call it either sculpting in the 2D or painting in the 3D. In a previous series of mine where I used wire, the wire served as a physical embodiment of a line or a mark that I was able to alter in 3D space. It is not enough for me to solely draw or paint a line or form. I have to physically feel and change it with my hands. My goal as an artist is to change the way people think about and see materials.